Price - $59.95CAD

Overall - 4/5
Product Quality - 4/5
Product Practicality - 4/5

Reasonably priced
Big improvement from regular jump rope
Very durable
Very portable
CAN be repurposed into things like shoulder pullbacks
Adds considerable amount of resistance

No real handles
Takes up gym bag space due to rope thickness

The weighted jump rope by My Bedroom Gym is a simple spin on a simple product. It takes a regular skipping rope, adds some thickness similar to the Battle Ropes that you might find at your local gym. Through this they added weight, but not to create a battle rope. It’s much shorter, designed as a skipping rope. This allows you to take a regular warm-up and turn it into something more of an exercise.

This jump rope is sure to add the intensity to your workout, but how effective is it? We decided to do an anatomy analysis. Before we get into that, let’s start with what it is and what it does. Skipping or jump rope is categorized as a warm-up. It is the type of physical activity that isn’t typically done with weighted resistance nor does it use bodyweight. It actually does not have any resistance but rather body movement. This accomplishes a gradual increase in intensity(by speed not weight) and due to the low but increasing intensity it becomes a pulse raiser. The rotation of the shoulder adds the joint mobility and dynamic stretch aspect to prepare the shoulders potentially to do heavy work.

Referring to the above chart you can see the anterior and posterior muscle engagement of skipping. The diagram highlights the muscles the do the least to the most amount of work. But to analyze a bit further we can start with an upper and lower body split. The rope itself is operated by hand with small wrist movements. This would engage the wrist but typically not in it’s full range of motion of with any sort of resistance so we decided it is not worth the mention. It primarily acts at the shoulder muscle involving internal rotation of the shoulder, however with very little weight/load all it produces is movement to lubricate the joint and warm the elastic tissue for pliability. When done correctly with a neutral spine and shoulders pushed back will engage the back as supporting protagonist muscle. Again, with no weight including bodyweight the support never see’s any resistance to engage against or forces that may tear it. In this case they just lightly stabilize the body from… well, nothing. The lower body does absolutely no work, it is essentially running on the spot. It doesn’t accomplish much of a workout, but if you don’t exercise it could be just as stimulating as a run due to ‘newbie muscle’, any work is more than you’ve been previously doing. However it should be looked at as seperate from the upper body because the chain breaks at the lower back for everything that will support your shoulder movement. Both the upper and lower body muscles are largely going through endurance training similar to high rep low weight. Only there really is no weight as you are not using your body for weight, making this more of a warm-up.

However when you add weight to the mix, you get more engagement, largely in the upper body around the shoulders, chest and upper arms. Intensity increases from weight and the muscles have to resist more. This is still far from your traditional 5-8 rep range standard workout but it does add the intensity to what would otherwise be a warmup. This would be similar to running with ankle weights, it just adds that little extra and makes it more of a workout for your body. The shoulders work a lot more, the back has to do real stabalization and will use more back muscle, the arms will be used and worn a considerable amount and the wrist rotating will actually produce a nice burn and a workout for your forearms. Don’t expect to end up looking like popeye because we are still dealing with technically a very low intensity in comparison to weights or the maximum capability of the muscle. But we are accomplishing a very effective muscular endurance type workout, almost like 30 reps of shoulder raises with 5lb dumbells. The results are not larger stronger muscles but rather muscles capable of working for much longer and recovering from acid pain much faster.

So is it effective? Well yes, like everything else. How effective it is depends entirely on if the benefits are something you need. Know the exercise and what it works and realize your goal, if you can compliment those two things with your efforts it will produce results. If you are looking for a bicep, tricep, shoulder exercise to strengthen or get big, this is not that. But if you are looking for the warm-up prior to that workout, or for sports training or for some mobility for everyday life then this is for you!

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