Edibles are officially available for purchase online through the Ontario Cannabis Store, as of 9 am on Thursday.

Cannabis 2.0, the newest offering from OCS, encompasses edibles (including beverages), topicals, and extracts (including vapes). Products launched in retail stores first, on January 6.

It took 10 days for the online sphere to catch up with brick-and-mortar shops, which sold out of product very quickly after launch.

Over 100 products are expected to be available, in stores and online, over the first few months of 2020, according to the OCS. 

Tokyo Smoke, Dixie, Aurora Drift, Foray, and San Rafael 71 have submitted edibles for sale through OCS.

Products will be priced between $7 and $14.

Online right now, you can browse gummies, chocolates, and “chillers,” which look to be along the lines of mints.