EVs are great, but the way we produce our electricity isn’t always the most environmentally friendly. Plus, you still need to pay a fair bit to charge your car at a roadside supercharger. So, the hunt for an alternative energy source remains a big business. Many have attempted hydrogen, with varying degrees of success, but Dutch company Lightyear thinks there’s another way.

This is the inventively named ‘One’ and, according to CEO Lex Hoefsloot, it’s the world’s first long-range solar car. Yep, we know it has been attempted before, but it’s time to properly harness the power of the sun.

Now, before we go any further it’s important to keep that cynical cap firmly on your head, because although the technology sounds fantastic to us, this car is still in the prototype stage. 

Lightyear was born in 2016 and now boasts over 100 employees, with engineers having joined from places like Tesla and Ferrari. 

It claims that the One uses four separate in-wheel electric motors to drive the wheels, and that the addition of the solar cells means it only needs a small battery to achieve 450 miles of range on the WLTP cycle. Blimey.

Those solar panels can also reportedly generate between 30-40 miles of range on a summer’s day, or over 12,000 miles per year if you live in the middle of the desert. 

So, what do you guys think? Does solar power have a future in the automotive world?