UK tabloid The Sun, , reported Friday that Meghan and Harry are eyeing property in Kitsilano.

The six-bedroom, five-bathroom home, located at 3019 Point Grey Road and built in 1912, is listed at $35,880,000. The four-floor residence features several oceanview terraces and manicured private gardens on a 12,297 sq.ft. estate.

Markle has expressed interest in the house, the Sun said, which would make her neighbours with Vancouver’s Chip Wilson, and allow her to use those Point Grey bike lanes everyone got so mad about a few years back. Not such a bad investment now that they’ve potentially attracted a flippin’ prince, are they?

It sure looks like a home fit for a prince, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s hardly a done deal, especially as the Realtor representing the listing said he had no idea that the royals were interested in the property.

“I haven’t had any requests at all for showings in the past week,” said Daniel Tan, denying that Markle stopped by the home during her recent visit or that he’s had any contact with the couple at all.

Tan was excited, however, to learn that the property was suddenly a source of much speculation, calling it “incredible news.”

Prince Harry wrapped up his “very constructive discussions” with Queen Elizabeth earlier this week, and while he remained at London’s Buckingham Palace through Thursday to take part in the draw for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, that was his last obligation, according to reports.

The 35-year-old is expected to fly to Canada as early as this weekend, rather than attending a planned reception at Buckingham Palace for Monday’s UK-Africa Investment Summit, at which point he will join his partner and the wee one on the West Coast. But are they really planning to live amongst us?