WTF?! Having to wait for hours at the airport is something that many of us experience now and again. But one man decided to alleviate his boredom by plugging a PlayStation 4 into the airport information monitor and enjoying a game of Apex Legends.

As reported by The Oregonian, the incident took place at Portland International Airport. The traveler plugged his PS4 into a monitor that showed a map of the airport. It happened early in the morning, and the staff was quick to act.

“That is obviously something that we don’t want to have happened,” Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds told radio station KXL, “because travelers need the information that we are putting on the screens for them.”

The man in question was approached by operations supervisors and “very kindly” asked to unplug the console and cease using the airport monitors. Simonds said he “very politely” asked if he could finish his game first, to which he was told “no.”

“Apparently, it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” Simonds said, calling it “a good reminder of what not to do at the airport.”

While being able to use a console on a large airport monitor is a good way to pass the time, there are easier ways to play games while waiting. In addition to the multitude of mobile titles available, you could always invest in a Nintendo Switch, both of which aren’t going to get you into trouble with security.