Truly a beautiful piece of artwork by the late and great Musician.

It is very sad to sit and think that this wonderful young Artist left us at a time where it appears his music was becoming the best it ever would be.

The whole vibe of the album was very calm and introspective. His poetry is very encouraging and thought provoking, while still blessing us with an ambiance of musical pleasure.

This album definitely explores life, the worries of living, death and self-love. His constant Yin and Yang in his words make you really feel his mindset while he was writing the music.

The most amazing part about Circles is that for the first hour or so you spend listening to it, it almost feels like Mac Miller is still here with us. His creative energy is so strong that even after life, he can leave a huge impact on his listeners and we thank him for all of his amazing work.

I can go into the breakdown of every track like other articles, but i would rather not ruin the analysis of this beautiful painting that Mac Miller left us.

A few messages that I personally got from the entirety of the album :

  • Don’t worry too much in general and make time for yourself to reflect and grow.
  • Life is forever, even when we pass, the circle of the Universe is eternal
  • Respect and appreciate what you’ve earned and what you have.
  • Love.

You can get the album from his personal website for 10 bucks, and there’s some cool merch.

I will leave you guys here, for you to explore the Album yourself and every other Album this young genius took the time to make for us. There is hours upon hours of his recorded entity for us to reflect on, and I truly am greatful.

Thank you, and rest in paradise to the young and legendary Mac Miller , Malcom James McCormick .