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Peppermint Tea – pure organic peppermint leaves

Pai Mu Tan White Tea – Naturally withered organic white tea. Featuring fresh aroma and smooth velvety flavor profile.

Chunmee green tea – crisp textured green tea

Culinary grade matcha tea

Yorkshire Harrogate Black Tea – Light, astringent and rich full flavour tea. Smooth without the tannin finish.

Hibiscus Tea – Bitter sweet. Add honey to smooth out the taste.

Formosa Oolong Tea – hint of lychee and bamboo. Mild smooth and sweet taste

RESIBAND 11PC RESISTANCE BANDS SET – GET A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FULL-BODY WORKOUT – FROM THE COMFORT AND SAFETY OF YOUR OWN HOME! This ResiBands™ 11pcs Resistance Bands Set is specially designed to enable more than 150 different exercises and a wide range of resistance/weight. 

MULTIFUNCTIONAL PILATES BAR KIT – Efficiently Sculpt and Tone Your Abs to Meet Your Ultimate Fitness Goals With Multifunctional Pilates Bar Kit- A Full Body Workout in One Kit! Add a range of variety to your ab workouts with our striking Multifunctional Pilates Bar Kit.  

WEIGHTED JUMP ROPE / BATTLE ROPES – This Weighted Jump Rope can help you build strength, conditioning, and coordination all at once! Have a fun but effective workout that you can bring wherever you go.  

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – Made from heavy duty steal with black powder-coated paint. Equipment supports weights up to 200kg. 

RESISTANCE BANDS – The resistance bands are perfect to take them anywhere, and they offer a huge variety of exercises for legs, butt, arms, and abdomen. Train wherever you want!  

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VEST – This Adjustable Weighted Vest is the perfect companion for martial artists, bodybuilders, calisthenics, crossfit, functional training, powerlifting, police and firefighting training, football training and marathon training!  

MASSAGE GUN – Relax and Let Your Tension Melt Away! Sore from work? Sore from the gym? Who has time for stretching or scheduling massages. Use power tools to get that expensive massage you’ve been looking for!  

AIR 3 PRO WIRELESS AIR BUDS – EXPERIENCE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION – FILTER THE NOISE AND FOCUS ON YOUR WORKOUT! No more noise, no more distractions, no more excuses! Noise cancelling earbuds with super bass boost and tri-band equalization. Experience gamer level sound. 

Training Filtering Mask – Breath fresher air when training outdoors with the Training Filtering Mask! Distributes the air evenly, making it easier for you to breathe and oxygen your muscles!  

Sports Tracker With Earbuds – Uses advanced sensors to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and blood pressure. Multifunctional- sports monitor, find mobile phone, step counting, auto-sleep mode, alarm clock and more! Displays text message and phone call notifications from your phone. Earbuds Sports Tracker record information like your heart rate, step count, etc. and displays on your earbuds. Whether it is an iOS or Android device, you can easily check your stats anywhere and anytime.