Respawn has released a cinematic trailer for its upcoming fourth season of Apex Legends. In the footage above, we are introduced to the history of Revenant, who many believe will be a new playable Legend considering he killed Forge, who was poised to be the fourth season’s newest character.

The trailer takes place five years after Titanfall 2, another title from Respawn that takes place in the same universe as Apex Legends. It sees Revenant taking a contract for the Syndicate to kill a con-man named Marcos Andrade, who works with his wife to pull off jobs. “Revenant adds his villainous background and aggressive attack skills to this cast of misfits, outcasts, drifters, and grifters,” according to a press release.

Season 4 will also see the addition of Hammond Robotics worksites on World’s Edge, along with the Sentinel, a new bolt-action sniper rifle and all-new Battle Pass featuring more than 100 exclusive skins, Apex Packs, and more.